We’ll start with a few deep dives with the founder. The purpose of the deep dives is to figure out the product vision, industry analysis, competitor analysis and product strategy. We do about 2-3 deep dives to fully understand the founder’s vision and also to figure out technical feasibility and alternatives. This helps us nail down what probelm we’re trying to solve and for whom - our beachhead customers. These will be the first set of customers that we’ll be going after and we’ll define the scope of the product according to their most pressing problems.

Once we’ve identified the target audience, we then nail down all the user stories. User stories are a compilation of everything that the platfrom needs to do, starting with the basics like “Users should be able to log in” to nailing down the complexities of exactly how the product will function.

With the user stories defined, we create the user journies and the low fidelity wireframes. This gives us a good idea of how users will interact with the product. We iterate over these as many times as necessary to make sure we’re creating the best, most intutive experience for users. User experience is critical to the success of an app and we want to make sure that end users can immediately figure out how to use a product without needing any kind of instruction.

We then work on high fidelity wireframes - in this phase, we finalize all of the aesthetic aspects of the product, including color themes, fonts, etc. Once again, we can experiment and play with a lot of options here and finalize whatever feels best.

The finished hi-fed wireframes will give us an exact idea of what the final product is going to look like. We only kick off the development phase once we’re fully satisfied with those wireframes.

During the development phase, we have weekly demo calls where we’ll show you the progress made and finalize product decisions. You’ll also have access to a demo app where you will have the ability to play with the product yourself. We’ll keep doing this until the product is fully developed.

Once the product is developed, we’ll help you market it to your target audience and get your initial paying customers. These customers are going to be incredibly valuable - no only for the revenue they give us, but because they feel the problem so acutely that they were willing to pay to experiment with a brand new product. Their feedback will help us drive further product development and scale the business. Paying customers are also the best way to validate and de-risk a venture. These customers will help us go to angels and seed-stage VCs for fundraising.

Once we’ve gotten this validation, we’re able to build a multi-month product scaling strategy. We shift to a longer term development process where we have a dedicated product team working exclusively with you over several months or years to achieve that vision.