BYLDD uses automation to drastically reduce the time and cost of software development by 70 to 90%.
We use this tool to help our clients rapidly develop software.These can be
  • pointer Completely New Products
  • pointer Enhancements to Existing Products
  • pointer Software to automate manual business process
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  • loqolhost
  • Indicooks
  • Enkel
  • WL Moulding

How it Works

  • Standardization
    Standardization of common requirements like multi-user permission systems, payment processing cookies and more.
  • Modularization
    Modularization to allow instant implementation for features like user profiles, referrals and reviews.
  • Automated Development
    Automated Development that dynamically creates all the infrastructure required to interact with data resources and generates REST APIs for all resources.
The Result?
A 70 to 90% reduction in time and cost of development.
How It Works

What We've Done

A list of the kinds of projects Byldd has helped develop

What We've Done
  • Web Development Web Development
    We built an end-to-end solution to allow supermarkets to accept, fulfill and deliver online orders.
  • Mobile Development Mobile Development
    We've made user and restaurant facing apps for a food delivery platform.
  • Process Automation Process Automation
    We helped a construction company automate their unique accounts payable process across 200+ construction sites.
  • MVP's For Startup MVP's For Startup
    We've created quick and dirty prototypes for businesses to be able to test out their ideas.
  • UI/UX Design UI/UX Design
    We've helped customers create experiences that users love.
  • Business Analytics & Scraping Business Analytics & Scraping
    We're helping large auto manufacturers collect inventory and pricing data from second hand resellers.

Case Studies

Grocery Shopping tool
Our white label turn-key solution for grocery stores to start accepting and fulfilling orders from the web. It comes with a complete fulfillment solution for grocery stores including an interface for shop floor staff to pick up, QA and deliver orders. Our automation tools allowed us to build this in 3 weeks and saved 200 development hours.
Saker is a SVOD platform for Virtual Reality content. Some complex features include a referral system, subscription payments, merchandise store and a recommendation engine. Byldd's tools saved over 300 development hours.
Enkel is a platform that automates the accounts payable process for general contractors. This is a solution that Byldd created and offers directly on a SaaS model. Our automation tools make it very easy to develop custom SaaS solutions to solve unique challenges.
IndiCooks is a food delivery platform for Indian food, similar to Seamless or Uber Eats. Some of the complex features include discount coupons and a loyalty program, full accounting solution with customer complaints & refunds, driver tracking. We developed a iOS and Android apps for users as well as an app for Restaurants.
LoqolHost is a travel and tourism product designed to connect travelers to local guides. Travelers put in their travel details - city, dates, number of party members - are shown local guides and can connect with them.


Customers can choose to work with us in one of three ways.
The exact dollar amount will depends on the complexity of what we’re trying to build. The savings generated by using Byldd are passed onto customers in both the subscription and project models.
  • Subscription
    • -
      We build, host and maintain custom software to your specifications.
    • -
      Customers are charged a monthly subscription fee.
    • -
      This is best for companies where software is not a core competency, for example, automating your accounts payable process.
  • Project
    • -
      We build custom software to your specifications.
    • -
      Customers are charged a monthly subscription fee.
    • -
      This is best for companies building or augmenting their own software products, for example, building a food delivery business.
  • Licensing
    • -
      Use our proprietary automation tools to kickstart your projects.
    • -
      Customers pay a licencing fee per use or annually.
    • -
      This is best for companies that have in-house engineering talent, for example, a development agency.
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