is a venture studio that’s democratizing software entrepreneurship.
We help early stage founders bring their MVPs to market in under a month and for less than $10K.
rapid mvp development
Specifically, we’ve changed how conventional development works. Byldd reduces the time and cost of building software by using pre-built modules and automation. It’s scaffolding on steroids for your project, allowing us to give it a massive kickstart, save of thousands of engineers dollars, and still build quality products.
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2 month
development timeline kickstart
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70-90% reduction
in the total product launch cost
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~400 hours
hours saved for every new project
mvp development with prebuilt modules
/ Sign-up
Authentication, registration, password reset, user roles and more are already built in.
Subscription billing without the hassle.You can offer monthly, yearly and quarterly plans as well as free-trials or a freemium package.
Web, iOS and Android
We have modules built for Web, iOS and Android apps so we can accelerate development for whatever platforms you’re looking to target.
Admin & Superadmin Control
Control and manage all the data, users and resources of the business through our automatically created admin dashboards. You can also assign permissions to your team members, giving them limited access to different resources.
Fully Customizable
Everything is fully customizable and there are no limits. Byldd engineer and product managers will work with you to get your business from concept to market. This includes customizing existing functionality and creating new, unique features.
Transactional Emails
Emails for key actions on the app or website are gonna work on day 1. We don’t need to spend time building email infrastructure for standard actions like purchases, subscription payments, password reset emails and ore. We can also add emails for new actions.
In 2020, the founders we worked with acquired 10K new users and generated more than $3MM in revenue. We work specifically with domain-expert founders to help turn their visions into profitable software businesses without breaking the bank.
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Ayush Singhvi
Ayush Singhvi
3 Time SaaS Founder/CTO
Founder of Byldd

I started Byldd because I saw founders spending exorbitant amounts of time and money trying to launch software businesses. Typically, founders spend too much time over-engineering their product and too little time validating it with customers. Beyond that, the bulk of their investment went into building generic, undifferentiated features and functionality - leading to over-engineered products that took too long, cost too much and solved no market need.

My team and I are looking to change this stereotype by helping founders get in front of customers with an MVP as quickly as humanly possible. We’re committed to being lean and helping founders build successful businesses.

Trusted by Founders..
“IndiCooks relaunched with a sticky web and mobile product. Byldd’s development process and Ayush’s guidance helped us achieve $1M ARR and grow to over 10K users in our first year.“
Aniket Dalal
Founder & CEO
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“Byldd has delivered beyond our expectations. Ayush has been a great resource to get feedback from as we build our business. He understood our vision from the beginning, nailed it from the first set of design drafts and has a deep understanding of the pain points founders have in getting their MVP up and running.“
Drew Torrey
Co-founder & COO
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and Investors.
“Absolutely fantastic job. We're excited to continue recommending you to our founders and alumni.
It's tough finding great resources for our founders and we appreciate the hard work. Thank you.“
Brian Scordato
Founder & CEO
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Case Studies

enkel screenshot
Enkel automates the accounts payable process for general contractors.
Enkel is a platform that automates the accounts payable process for general contractors. It allows users to automatically track the status of invoices across multiple projects and vendors.
Rake screenshot
Rake is a sales gamification platform for early stage, growth oriented startups.
Rake automatically syncs with companies' CRM, captures productivity and activity data and allows sales professionals to track their performance and compete with colleagues. They were able to acquire customers within two weeks of launch.
fitting flash screenshot
Fitting Flash is an augmented reality tool that helps e-shoppers visualize how clothes are going to look and feel on their bodies.
Fitting Flash helps clothing retailers retain customers and reduce returns by incorporating a highly accurate virtual fitting room onto their websites.
indicooks screenshot
IndiCooks is a lifestyle platform for Indians living out of India.
IndiCooks facilitates access to culturally significant, consumable items that would otherwise be unavailable to Indians living out of India. It's uses intelligent logistics to make the delivery of these items affordable.
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