Increase profitability, save time and scale up with done-for-you workflow automation.

Struggling with inefficient workflows that are costing your business valuable time and resources? Our expert team designs efficient, automated workflows that are tailored to your unique needs and processes, streamlining your operations and increasing productivity.

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Businesses trust us to manage and automate their workflows.


Manufacturing Companies

Purchasing and Invoicing Automatic PDF Generation

Automatically generate PDFs and documents, and send them to the appropriate parties without manual intervention. Ensure all materials are ready, reduce delays and human error.

Client Portal

Provide clients with access to real-time production information, the ability to view all assets in one singular location, updates on shipping and logistics, and one centralized location with all product information.

Vendor Portal

Monitor and manage your suppliers with a task management and feedback system, a centralized location for asset upload and management, and a simple invoice management system.

Customized ERP systems

Run your business exactly how you want with a tailored ERP system to fit your specific business needs while eliminating the need to buy expensive off-the-shelf programs. This single, integrated system will streamline and optimize your business processes, improve efficiency and productivity, and provide real-time visibility into key metrics and data.

Recruitment Agencies

Sales and Marketing

Streamline your sales and marketing with automation to help maximize efficiency as you scale. Automation allows for faster and more accurate candidate sourcing and efficient and flexible marketing and sales operations.

AI-Powered Outreach

Reach more candidates faster and more cost-effectively while still maintaining quality and personalization in conversations. AI can be used to craft personalized messages tailored to each candidate and automate follow-up processes like scheduling meetings, sending reminders, and responding to questions.

Candidate Portal

Streamline communication between your agency and your candidates by automating the collection of CVs and showing available job opportunities all in one modern portal. Reduce operational overheads by reducing manual emailing.

Company Portal

On the flip side, make communication between your agency and the companies you work with by creating a portal where they can see all the wonderful work you’re doing for them in real time.

LinkedIn and Twitter Integrations

One click candidate information import into your CRM


VC Firms and Family Offices

Portfolio Management
  • Simplify investment tracking, automate data collection, enable efficient valuation assessment, and optimize strategic exit decision-making.
  • Collect financial and performance data from all your portfolio companies.
  • Track every aspect of your investments, such as cap table creation, calculating returns, and making liquidity decisions.
Network Tracking
  • Streamline relationship management, automate outreach, and enhance connections between your network and investments
Due Diligence Record and Tracking
  • Uses artificial intelligence to centralize, summarize, and enrich meeting data for efficient tracking and planning.
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I just wanna say that after going through so many unreliable engineers and cofounders, working with you guys has been a refreshing game-changer. I also really appreciate how reliable, communicative and proactive Udit and the rest of the team are. I'm gonna be recommending Byldd as THE people to talk to if you're a founder looking to build tech.

Kimia Hangafarin

Prapanch and I can't say enough about our experience working with you and your team at Byldd. From the beginning you have been extremely professional and a great resource to get feedback/bounce ideas off as we continue to work through our concept. Great design work, understood our vision for Rake from the beginning and nailed it from the first set of design drafts. Clear communication and you have shown great understanding for the pain points founders have in getting their MVP up and running. Your team has delivered beyond our expectations on our MVP build thus far and look forward to completing the project!

Drew Torrey

I just looked through all the work you've done with Rake. Absolutely fantastic job. We're excited to continue recommending you to our founders and alumni. It's tough finding great resources for our founders and we appreciate the hard work. Thank you.

Brian Scordato