My name is Ayush, I’m the founder of Byldd. Here’s a bit about me - I was born in India, grew up in the Philippines and studied in Dubai and then at NYU in New York. I started my career as an electrical engineer in Dubai but soon realized that I loved the high-energy, results-oriented world of entrepreneurship, and the idea of solving a more diverse set of problems through software.

I tried to start my first software company when I was 24 without really understanding anything about creating a new product, building good experiences, or being lean. Don’t get me wrong - I knew how to code from my engineering background and subsequent experience, but working at an established company and building a new product from scratch is a completely different ball game. I failed /spectacularly/. But it was a valuable experience in that it showed me how much I didn’t know about building SaaS businesses.

I dedicated the next few years bridging that gap. The first thing I did was teach myself how to code and build production-level applications. I joined several early-stage startups and helped build and scale their products from the ground up, first as a junior engineer, the technical lead, and eventually CTO.

Having repeatedly worked with founders to scale businesses, I became intimately familiar with the challenges of building scalable software businesses. I founded Byldd with the aim of helping founders solve these problems and build investor-ready products that users keep coming back to. So far, we’ve helped 3 companies scale from 0 to $1MM and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in outside capital.