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Byldd helps early-stage founders build and launch revenue-generating, investor-fundable Software MVPs in under a month and for less than $10K. Schedule a call for a FREE (NDA Covered) product strategy and roadmap consultation.

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In 2021, The founders we worked with went on to acquire more than 20K customers, generated more than $3MM in revenue and were valued at $10MM.


"IndiCooks relaunched with a sticky web and mobile product. Byldd's development process and Ayush's guidance helped us achieve $1M ARR and grow to over 10K users in our first year."

Aniket Dalal
Founder and CEO, INDICOOKS

"Byldd has delivered beyond our expectations. Ayush has been a great resource to get feedback from as we build our business. He understood our vision from the beginning, nailed it from the first set of design drafts and has a deep understanding of the pain points founders have in getting their MVP up and running."

Co-Founder and COO, RAKE

"Absolutely fantastic job. We're excited to continue recommending you to our founders and alumni. It's tough finding great resources for our founders and we appreciate the hard work. Thank you."

brian scordato
Founder and CEO, Tacklebox

"Byldd has a really solid team. Very professional process. Very thorough and professional."

Peter Townsend
Founder And CEO, Haggle

Schedule a call for a FREE Product Strategy and Roadmap Consultation.

Laser-focused on traction and product-market fit


Speed To Market

Byldd's experience combined with our propiretary technology allows us to build and launch complex products qucikly (1 Month) and inexpensively (under $10K). We focus on getting product in front of customers as fast as possible, iterating as fast as possible and finding product-market fit as fast as possible.


User First Methodology

Byldd is laser focused on building products that solves real business cases and create execptional experiences that users love. We lean on our extensive product management experience to ensure it. The goal is always to build products that users would happily pay for.


Set yourself up for investors and hiring

The startup journey gets much easier when your product has paying customers. Byldd helps you get to that milestone so you can raise money easier and at better valuations. It also becomes much easier to recruit in-house talent because traction gives your equity much more value.


Why Byldd?

Byldd is venture development agency focusing on launching successful, revenue generating SaaS and Marketplace businesses. Our founder and product managers are all veterans of successful startups and very well versed in what it really takes to successfully start a business.

We want to democratize entrepreneurship – We want to ensure that everyone has the means to turn their idea into a product. This ultimately means reducing the barriers to entry by having clear fixed pricing, no hidden fees and battle hardened process for launching successful companies.

We value relationships. We have 0% churn - every business we've launched has continued to work with us after their MVP was developed. We are your growth partners - providing with you with our product management and technical expertise through the entire startup journey.

We're not the best product team for you if..


You already know everything.

We prefer to work with entrepreneurs that are professionals in their field and have faith in ours. We pay great attention to what our clients have to say, and we expect you to do the same when we offer advice.


You just want your idea to be developed by a dev shop.

Sure, we're talented programmers, but if we merely produced code, we'd be cheating you. One of the reasons our clients' apps succeed is because we bring design, product management and year of entrepreneurial experience to the table. Our most fruitful collaborations are with entrepreneurs and teams in need of development, design, and strategic guidance.


You want a product that you can get rid of in six months.

Here's what we mean when we say we offer a "Minimal Viable Product," or MVP: the first version of your app will be something you'll be proud to show off. The user experience will be simple and intuitive and it'll solve the core problem really well. It'll be the foundation on top of which we'll build the bells and whistles.

Our Pricing

The investment amount for any software product depends on the complexity of the product. However, we're confident that we can build the marketable MVP that you're proud to show off in under $10000.


Frequently Asked Questions

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    Which Stack do we use?
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    We use MEAN stack, which is a JavaScript-based framework for developing web applications. MEAN is named after MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node. We use this with TypeScript on the front and backend. For mobile applications, we use the respective native language of the platform we're developing on - namely Swift and Kotlin. We use JavaScript (with TypeScript) because of two reasons. One, it's one of the most scalable languages/ecosystems out there. Two, it's extremely popular which means that it'll be very easy to recruit talent whenever the startup may need to.

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    Where is the team based?
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    The team is based in New York and India.

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    What method do we assign personnel to projects?
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    We have a dedicated team working on every project to maximize productivity. All full-stack developers will exclusively work on one project at a time with no context switching. Product managers manage 2 to 3 projects and support developers on an ongoing basis.

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    What happens after the MVP is developed?
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    We're proud to say that we've had 0 churn and all founders have continued to work with us after they developed their MVP and acquired customers. We continue to serve and help founders as their product development partner.

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    How do we identify the core features of our MVP?
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    We work with the founder to narrow down the scope of work so that all development effort is focused on solving the core problem really well. We've helped launch almost a dozen revenue generating companies and our process is battle tested.

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    What happens on first call?
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    On our first call, we'll touch on the core problem you're trying to solve and how you think we should go about it. I'll be able to give you an estimate on the timeline and investment amount on the call itself - no hiding pricing and asking for multiple follow up calls. We aim to build MVPs in under 1 month and for less than $10K.


If you can dream it, we can 'byldd' it

Schedule a call for a FREE product strategy and roadmap consultation.

If we can't build it, we will plant a tree instead to save this world from climate change.