Byldd is a startup development and acceleration agency that helps SaaS and eCommerce founders build out their ideas into real-life, revenue-generating businesses that users fall in love with.

We have years of experience consistently and systematically building scalable, investor-ready web and mobile businesses that do over $1MM in revenue and support tens of thousands of users. We use this experience to partner with business-side  and industry-expert founders to bring their tech-enabled business ideas to life.

Not only that, Byldd uses proprietary AI and automation tech to write code, reducing the number of human engineering hours needed to launch a software business. We’ve done it so many times, we’ve automated the process. For founders like you, this means a 1.5 to 2 month kickstart on your development timeline and a massive discount of the cost of development.

Building a working web or mobile app is the bare minimum. We leverage our years of startup development experience to offer a lot more by designing for scalability, user retention and optimal user experience for the market you’re trying to serve. We help you become aware of technical tradeoffs and make informed decisions that prevent technical debt and scalability bottlenecks based on what’s best for your business.

We have a systematic, step by step process in which we guide you every step of the way, converting your initial concept and domain expertise into a working, in-your-hands software product ready for the market. On the way, we’ll refine your offer, make sure we’re implementing all the user retention and scalability tips and tricks to set you up for success. I will personally partner with you one to one to flush-out your concept, build your IP, and bring your business to market in a matter of weeks, not months or years.

So, if you have spotted an opportunity or inefficiency in the market that can’t be missed, we’re here to help you capitalize on that opportunity by turning your idea into a scalable software business that gains widespread adoption, generates recurring revenue, and has investors on-board with your vision. To date, founders we’ve partnered with have generated over $3 million in revenue along with hundreds and thousands of dollars in outside capital investment.

Send me a message today and take the first step in bringing your vision to life!